IP Video Talk vs Zoom :
A Comparison of Video Conferencing Platforms
According to a study, 90% of remote workers prefer video conferencing to connect with colleagues or supervisors.

IP Video Talk is not an ordinary video conferencing platform. Our powerful cloud conferencing platform allows you to hold web meetings that can be attended anywhere, any time on nearly any device. It provides a virtual meeting space for remote teams, virtual classrooms, telehealth consultations, health classes, and much more. Utilizing the IPVideoTalk platform, any user can easily host and join video meetings. It offers state-of-the-art features to take any meeting to the next level, including 1080p HD video resolutions, HD audio quality, onc-click meetings, webinar functionality, computer and content sharing, a host of meeting controls and more. IPVideoTalk is also with room-based plans for users of Grandstream's GVC series of Video Conferencing Systems.

  • Solution: IPVideoTalk
  • The 3-digit checksum reduces the random guessing
    of meeting IDS
  • Privacy for meeting pariticipants email addresses,
    profile photos, etc.
  • Privacy for participants 1.1 chats during and
    after the meeting
  • Little vulnerablity to attack through the meeting
    chat functions
  • Using standard web browsers minimizes risk of
    malware-like behavior
  • Meeting recording and filenames cannot
    be found online
  • Random numerical meeting IDs are used to verify validity
    With a password and option
  • IPVideoTalk user standard SRTP modes,
    AES-CTR for security
  • Session encryption: each uses an independent encryption
    IP Video Talk uses servers in-region
  • Password option for secure meeting
  • Zoom Security Issues
  • Zoom Bombing
    Zoom Meeting ID iS easily guessed
  • Leaks of email addresses and profile photos
    Zoom automatically organizes participants by email domain in a public folder
  • Meeting chats don't stay private
    1-to-1 private chats are sent to the host with a summary post-meeting
  • Windows password stealing
    chat functions vulnerable to attack through web-links and UNC paths
  • Malware-like behavior on Macs
    Hacker-like mthods used to bypass normal maCOS security precautions
  • Zoom meeting recordings can be found online
    Meeting recordings and save-file names are easdy identified through meeting IDS
  • Zoom meeting ID is easy to guess
    Randomly generated ID numbers between 9 and 11 digits are easily predictable
  • Zoom uses their own version Of SRTP
    Zoom SRTP uses AES-ECB mode, not adopted in SRTP standard
  • Zoom encryption key is sent to Beijing server
    AES-128 key for conference encryption/descryption was sent to Zoom Server Outside Of the user report
  • Meeting room vulnerability
    Video/audio streams to participants in "waiting rooms"