View, watch and record every detail from every corner with a UBIQCOM AL-360 degree security camera. Keep an eye on all detail with enhanced picture quality and video recording from all angles. Watch every angle of your premises even when you are away from home video streaming on your phone. Built with high precision and uses the latest technology to provide you with the best shot.

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The UBIQCOM AL 360° Security Camera is a game-changer in the world of surveillance, offering an all-encompassing, 360° view for absolute coverage. This sophisticated gadget ensures no corner is hidden, thanks to its panoramic view. High-resolution sensors deliver sharp, clear images during the day, while superior night vision technology ensures flawless surveillance in low-light conditions. Its advanced motion detection feature promptly sends alerts for any irregular activity. The device integrates smoothly with your Wi-Fi network, enabling remote access and real-time viewing via a dedicated application. Its durable, weather-resistant design stands up to various environmental conditions. With the UbiqCom AL 360° Security Camera, experience an unparalleled standard of safety, bringing about a new age in comprehensive security solutions.


  • 180°, 360°Rotational wide view angle
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • Night vision is supported
  • 1080P HD video
  • Motion detection

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