FXO & FXS Gateway

FXO & FXS Gateway

Explore supreme quality analog cards by Cloud Infotech tailor made to meet all your communication verticals!

Analog cards are soon becoming the talk of the technological town. These cards offer first-rate audio quality in telephones. In fact, these analog cards can undoubtedly be called a revolution in the world of communication. And Cloud Infotech brings this technologically supreme product right at your doorstep! Analog cards can also be defined as hardware essentials in a telephone systems which allows the systems to connect well with your computers. Moreover, these cards can also be known as the circuit boards which can easily fit into the computer’s PCI slots.

What are the benefits of using these cards? Well, these cards can be used for different purposes, such as call recording, analog-VoIP conversion, dial dictation, and DTMF tone detection. In addition, FXS/FXO interchangeable ports can eliminate the need for channels or access gateways.

What are FXO or FXS ports? Well these are the ports used by analog telephone lines. While FXS is a port which deliver the analog lines to the subscribers successfully, FXO is the port receiving the analog. Thus, whenever you want to connect the analog phone lines to your IP phone system, you need these FXS and FXO ports.

Analog phone cards have surely made communication easier. They are highly useful for any enterprise set up. They are cost effective and offer many effectual phone features. Some of these include call divert, redial, call transfer, and caller ID.
So, tackle your communication issues with analog cards offered by Cloud Infotech. Pick that phone and call us right now and order your analog cards right now!