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Smarter Home Solutions

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Imagine the very best in comfort, security, and design and energy efficiency for tomorrow’s smart home, today. With Cloud Infotech Smart home solutions it is easy to access Intercom facility with option of Outward Calling along with customized billing format.

Smarter Home solutions can impact your day-to-day in a positive way, and make your life safer and easier. Therefore we offer solutions that match perfectly to your home and your requirements.

Benefits of Voice over IP Phone System

Reduced investment

A VoIP phone system for business enjoys all the aspects of a traditional phone system without things that makes them a burden. The phone system can be installed throughout the office at a fraction of the cost of a traditional phone system. By using the Internet over landlines, rewiring of whole office is also done away with.

Lower monthly costs

When it comes to running a business, the company finds ways to save money and cut expenses. But with VOIP Telephony solutions, the main cost remains after the initial investment, is the monthly service fee. The monthly cost of business phones only adds up depending on the features you’re looking for and the number of users who will be using them. The operating cost increases only when the business grows.
VoIP Solutions offer more features and unlimited calling at a fraction of a cost. With the money saved over traditional phone systems, the company is able to invest same money in upgradation of network infrastructure to improve the overall calling quality of VoIP system.


The goal for any business is to grow; make more sales, attract more prominent clients and expand into new markets. As the business grows, more employees are added. And those employees are required to be provided with phones to do their job. Adding new users to a traditional PBX system is a bit of a hassle. It’s almost like going through the initial set up all over again. You’ll need more of the expensive equipment and also need to ensure that the office is wired correctly for the number of users to be added.
On the contrary, adding new users to existing VoIP system is much easier. You’ll still need the equipment but adding users to your network just requires a call to the provider telling them about further addition of users for configuration.


In today’s business environment, the need is to have the ability to work from anywhere. Whether at the office, at home or on a business trip, employees are required to stay connected. The mobility of a VoIP phone system provides the benefit of working from anywhere with a simple broadband connection. Sticking to the work stations is not required anymore. With VoIP services becoming more prevalent, apps are now available for mobile devices, staying in touch with the office has become an easier thing now.

What Exactly Is a Smart Home?

Cloud Infotech has taken it upon themselves to create wonderful smart home systems connected to your phone systems voIp and IP telephone solutions are being seen as the future of smart homes. VoIp is slowly gaining momentum as an emerging technology. This is why you can see it everywhere, be it hospitality, real estate, or offices. When this VoIP is combined with your home systems, you get a perfect communications system. Moreover, you can even update your surveillance system with the help of this VoIP systems.
Cloud Infotech has designed such smarter home solutions which you can use even when you are not present at your home. The reason being that these smart solutions are connected to your phone systems through VoIP and IP telephone systems. This implies that you can even reach your smart devices remotely through your desktop or laptop at offices