ZTE Optical Line Terminal


Flexible and Cost-effective Fixed Broadband Deployment

1U High PON OLT Product Based on TITAN Platform

The massive growth of data traffic brings peer pressure to the transmission network with increased load. The operators need high bandwidth OLT devices with the latest technology-enabled that handle the peer data load to the transmission network. Amid fast-growing IP services deployment and a huge increase in the complicated network, topology requires fast network deployment with a large capacity have the multi-directional cross-connecting capability. The ZXA10 C610 is a 1U high PON OLT carters for the requirements of flexible, fast, and cost-effective access for FTTX, meeting the scenarios such as sparse/remote/cost-effective area coverage, intelligent industry park, and commercial building access, and mobile-bearing, etc.

The operators are looking for devices that are based on the latest technology and can handle large data traffic with high bandwidth and transmission networks. The operator’s choice devices are capable of handling transparent transmission, flexible scheduling, aggregation processing, and data service management monitoring. Cloud InfoTech is the supplier of high-quality, best devices based on the latest technology capable of handling large data traffic. Cloud Infotech is the name in the telecom industry to supply the best product from reputed and time-tested brands, the Cloud Infotech is the supplier of the ZTE OLT device. ZTE is the leading brand in the telecom industry delivering all the best OLT devices in the world. Cloud Infotech is the authorized distributor of ZTE devices that are well versed in proving their capability and handling all the operator requirements.