Gigabit Routers

Grandstream Gigabit Routers

Gigabit routers are Ideal for all businesses including enterprise, small-to-medium business, retail, education, hospitality and medical markets, the Gigabit Routers support comprehensive WiFi and VPN solutions that can be shared across one or many different physical locations. It has features like high-performance routing and switching power, a hardware-accelerated VPN client/server for secure inter-office connectivity and an embedded controller and automated provisioning master that can set up and manage up to 300+ in-network GWN series WiFi Access Points.
Get the best device that fulfils all your data need at blazing fast speed is Gigabit Routers. The fastest device to provide your internet speed up to 1000 Mbps, 10 times more than standard Wi-Fi routers



Supports 256 concurrent Wi-Fi client devices

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Grandstream GWN7052


Supports 100 concurrent Wi-Fi client devices

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Grandstream GWN7001/GWN7002/GWN7003

GWN7001/GWN7002/ GWN7003

Supports multiple Gigabit RJ45 ports

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