Best VoIP Gateway for any Enterprise


If you are running an enterprise, your primary concern is to give it maximum profit you can, isn’t it? But there are a number of complexities that may come to you while doing this such as getting more and more traffic for your services perceived, completing the targets on the given deadline and many other. You often search for an easy yet effective option that you can access conveniently and gain maximum profit you need. VoIP serves the same for you. Thus, educating yourself with VoIP gateway will be a smart decision for you as it will help you to avoid turning, tossing and sleepless nights that can be caused by it. Before going to discuss the ways to choose the best VoIP gateway for your enterprise, let us discuss some of the basic factors with it.

How VoIP gateway works?

To get the best gateway for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you first need to understand how it exactly works for you and how you can input more benefits to it to get an improved result out of it. Although the functions of VoIP are much like other data that you use to send over the internet as messages or e-mail, it converts the voice communication into data packages and then sends it to other IP networks. If you are using a traditional phone for your business or residence, you can just throw that away as you can now make calls easily by using internet connections. One of the most important benefits of using a VoIP system for your communication is, it reduces the number of providers and solutions you need. Furthermore, it also helps in combining your voice and internet communication into the same service. In this way, it is much easier than traditional voice communication and helps to fulfill the essentials of business needs.

Hardware and software gateways for VoIP

After knowing the functions of the VoIP gateway, the next most important task for you is to get an overview of hardware and software attached to it. Unlike any other gateway products like routers and firewalls, the VoIP can also be divided into hardware and software categories. Some of the advantages or disadvantages of both of these category gateways are:

  • It is very inexpensive to buy the program as you can easily install it in your existing equipment and you can also run the gateway software on any servers. Sometime there may be some security issues while running it on other services or applications.
  • As it uses standard Operating system, you can easily monitor and manage the software gateway by using the same network administration tools you usually use for your PCs or networks.

Costs involved in VoIP gateway in India

Along with any other aspects, the cost is also very much necessary while choosing the best VoIP gateway. In fact, money is the primary concern for any person running an enterprise. As we have already mentioned that you can save your money once you get the best gateway, the cost of getting it is also very low (depends upon the features, types, etc.). Hence, by spending a little amount of money, you can get a higher profit for your business. The average cost of an advanced enterprise gateway is approximate 1-2 Lakhs. Although the more you can spend the more advanced services you will get from it.

Final words

There are a lot of options available in the market from where you can get the best gateway for VoIP. Choosing the right option is always beneficial and for getting the right one, preliminary knowledge is necessary. Having experience of 10+ year, we can assure you with the best one of your requirements and we are always ready to help you in any regard you require even after providing you with the service.