Unified Communication is helpful in schools


How school safety and staff coordination can be improved through Unified Communication system

Parents are always concerned about their children. They take care of them in every moment and in all possible ways. They are their living legacies and looking for suitable safety measures is their primary goal of life. But as an educational institution are you facilitating them with proper safety measures? If not, then this blog will definitely make you strongly agree to plan the adoption of an upgraded communication system for your institution in the form of a Unified Communication system.

The school is always considered one of the safest places for your children. However, crisis or emergency can come knocking the door at any moment and any place. Being a responsible space for children, you should have to take the requisites to ensure their safety. Moreover, you should also maintain the transparency between your staff. With the help of this, you can improve the situational awareness in your school by monitoring the buses, students, staff as well as assets. This can only be possible with a unified communication system that is equipped with the best sort of communication processes necessary for smoother, stronger and effective interaction.

Why is it essential to adopt the UC system for schools?

The communication process is traditionally divided between two-way radio communication and cellular communication on the basis of their technologies. Most of the school premises opt for any of this or use alternatively to decentralize the communication infrastructure. Here are some of the benefits of UC Solution for schools:

Effective integration: With a unified communication which is featured with IP based mobility system the teachers can able to integrate the phone desks with their personal devices. More often, it is difficult to connect the mobile, laptops or other devices with the phone numbers because of low network connectivity and other technical issues. This can be easily eliminated by using the UC system. Moreover, in the times of crisis either event or any other, through this system, one can reach through their desk phone extensions, even if they are outside the school campus.

Easy reachability: Safer study environment is an inevitable factor for any educational institution. It needs to ensure conveying real-time information to the parents for everything ranging from classrooms, school buses, till their participation in any other co-curricular activity. So, ensuring a better communication system that can help in smoother connectivity and reaching out to the parents. As Unified Communication System ensures easier and convenient communication process, by adopting this, the educators can cost-effectively manage the communication process in their premises.

How UC works for schools communication and safety

As it has been seen that traditional communication systems are failed to convey the message of what’s happening in schools in real time, adopting UC can be a great relief in this regard. It abolishes any misinterpretation of words that lead to inaccurate information, helps the schools’ spoke-persons to deliver the information in a detailed way, etc. without any delay.

Here are some of the UC phone system’s working for an educational institution:

Real-time notification: Whenever any crisis situation arises, by dialing the extension (such as 911), the notifications are sent to all the concerned persons at go. Through this, the parents, school staff, principal, and other related persons can be informed about the happening and requisite measures can we taken to step out the situation. With this fastest resolution and response, it ensures the safety of both school staff as well as the students.

One-touch mass notification: With the help of the newly launched UC system, the school authority will be exempted from the tedious work of informing the parents about their children. This is because, with its advanced voice capabilities, it allows the people to convey the relative information only in one-touch and inform all the masses included with the educational premises in a safe and secure way.

We more often see the headlines about the mis-happenings occur in the school’s premises. To avoid such situations and to ensure a safe and secure study environment, every institution needs to adopt a Unified Communication system. If you want to gain more information about it, you can get in touch with our team. We will explain and assist you in the same more efficiently.