VoIP Phone over Analog Phone


Why should I choose VoIP phone over analog phone?

Every business hub needs to manage its communication chain, either through verbal conversation or through virtual or telephonic conversation. But the primary mean of any of this communication medium is to effectively manage the market of prospective clients. Although every organization has this primary motive, even after that they remain confused to choose the best mode of communication. Sometimes, it is either because of a lack of knowledge or because of hesitation to invest more on the communication.

Today almost every organization is more or less dependent upon the telephonic communication as it eliminates the extra costs of transportation and others, as in case of face-to-face communication. Moreover, many businesses nowadays look for spreading their market outside the country too. Thus, for them, choosing the right communication means a lot. It will then define how your business will actually run and grow in the future. Here in this blog, we will explain how VoIP phones have taken all the spaces of traditional or analog phones, and why is it beneficial for using VoIP solutions over the analog one.

Why traditional landline calls have been extinguished?

The traditional landline communication system has become an extinguished factor nowadays, especially for businesses. The primary reason behind that is, it is typically supported by either local or regional phone company. It is thus called as Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs). These are an analog system that runs via the traditional copper wiring. A business, for instance, has to make more investment if it chooses analog phones because of the following reasons.

  • A landline service needs on-premises PBX (Private Branch Exchange) to run its service. This hardware helps to create multiple extensions and provide additional phone features like call directories, call transfers, etc.
  • It also makes difficult for the large scale business to purchase and repair the landline system.
  • As the landline service does not provide with video conferencing feature in it, any business sometimes may need to go for client meeting after the preliminary communication over the landline.
  • The traditional phone line system connects with the business’s data network and then used to connect with individual phone lines.

This is because of these and many other reasons, that traditional landline communication system has now almost become obsolete and replaced with VoIP systems, especially by large scale business ventures.

Analog Phone vs. VoIP Phone

As the world is changing and upgrading with the advancement of technology. Every business tries to adopt everything that is updated with advanced technological features and that can give them higher returns for the business. Hence, many businesses are considering the landline system as hybrids with a VoIP system. The benefits of using VoIP phone over analog phones are as under:

  • Cost-effectiveness:

One of the great benefits of using IP devices is its cost-effective nature. This is because the system works over the internet and thus reduces the costs to a great extent. Moreover, the rates incurred for making international and local calls are very minimal and thereby allows the companies to reduce their expenditure on-call services to a great extent.

  • Wireless:

Another benefit of using IP is the wireless feature. As explained earlier, the landline system is attached to copper wire and thus unable to move anywhere. But since IP phones work over Internet protocol, they don’t require any extra struggle with cables or wires like analog phones and thereby it adds the mobility feature with the users.

  • Improved Call Quality:

As the VoIP system involves data over the internet and passes on in the form of data packets, it provides an improved quality of calls. The voice in this system is converted into voice packets and then transmitted over the internet. It then calls the other party through the servers. This entire process helps to run the communication smoothly by improving the call quality and thereby benefits the users.

  • Application Integration:

Various applications can be integrated while using VoIP as the phones work over the internet. It gives the business entrepreneurs to link many important tools of the organization such as attendance sharing, directory, instant messaging, etc and thereby adding benefits for the business. It again puts the mobility advantage to the users. Moreover, through integrating such tools with the IP desk phones, the concerned user is able to stay connected not only with the world but also with the employees, colleagues inside the premises over the smart-phones. They can connect with anyone at any time and from anywhere. It also resolves the complications that are involved in multi-location connectivity by means of internet connectivity.

  • Upgradable:

The world is upgrading either in terms of technology or in terms of software. Being upgraded with this changing atmosphere makes you a smart business person no doubt. VoIP thus works for you. Though its additional features, it allows the user to upgrade the technology easily on the existing system only and makes the telephony system cost-effective and easier for you.

It is because of all these reasons the VoIP has been adopted over the analog phone system. Now, maybe your query regarding which phone system should be adopted for your organization and add benefit for your business.