Unified Communication Phone Systems

IP PBXs systems dealers in noida sector 63, Cloud Infotech provide a wide range of PBX exclusive solution that is enhance the association and business communication process on any premises. IP-PBX for your enterprise is always a wise decision as it takes your company’s telecommunication to the next level. It is designed to suffice the needs of modern businesses.

What is IP PBX System?

An IP PBX dealers in greater noida sector 63 IP PBX or private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) is a system that provides telephone calls over IP networks. It switches calls between VoIP users on local lines and allows its users to share a certain number of external phone lines. It can also switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone or landline user, or between two traditional telephone users just like a conventional PBX does. It can come in various abbreviate texts, such as IP-PBX, IP/PBX, or IPPBX.

There are a number of IP-PBX among which some are hardware-based devices, some other are software-based servers. It is your decision to choose which one will be best-suited with your business requirements. In our suggestion, mini sever SIP as it is a professional PBX for Windows, Linux, etc. (the operating systems that are most commonly used by the organizations)

How an IP PBX works

You might have heard that many companies combine a couple of lines to enhance their communication system. This is done only through the PBX system. It handles the call switching and routing within an organization. IP PBX, on the other hand, is the next generation PBX communication system that can provide you with an advanced level of the communication system and thereby becomes a way more beneficial asset for any organization. It consists of one or more SIP or VoIP phones and also optionally contains a VoIP Gateway. The server that is used by this system is similar to the proxy server.

SIP clients, being either softphones or hardware based phones, register with the IP PBX server, and when they wish to make a call they ask the IP PBX to establish the connection. The IP PBX has a directory of all phones/users and their corresponding SIP address and thus is able to connect an internal call or route an external call via either a VoIP Gateway or a VoIP service provider to the desired destination.

Cloud Infotech is one of best IP PBXs systems dealers in noida sector 63, Through PBX System provides flexibility, as a company or an enterprise grows, and can also help in reducing long-term operations, and maintain the costs.


Supports up to 2000 SIP endpoint registrations

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UCM6200 Series

support up to 500 users and 50/75 concurrent calls

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Supports up to 5000 licensed extensions
and 1500 simultaneous calls

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Supports up to 2000 licensed extensions
and 1500 simultaneous calls

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Supports up to 1200 licensed extensions
and 350 simultaneous calls

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