Network Switches

Grandstream Network Switches

The GWN7700 and GWN7800 Series provides six model options, including PoE and non-PoE options with up to 24 ports, to allow any facility to seamlessly integrate all endpoint solutions with their network and provide them a network connection. By utilizing PoE models, the GWN7800 Series provides an easy way to power all endpoints as well. By adding free cloud, software, or embedded management, built-in QoS for traffic prioritization and support for IPv4 and IPv6 environments, the GWN7800 Series provide the performance, security, and manageability to suit all network requirements - from small offices all the way to multi-national enterprises.

GWN7800 Series

GWN7800 Series - Managed Switches

8/16/24 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2/4 Gigabit SFP ports

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Grandstream GWN7700

GWN7700 Series - Unmanaged Switches

GWN7700 series supports up to 8 Gigabit ports

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Layer 3 Switches

GWN7810 Series- Layer 3 Switches

WN7811(P) - GWN7812P - GWN7813P

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Layer 3 Switches

Aggregation Switches

GWN7830 / GWN7831 / GWN7832

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