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Sangoma Technologies Corporation is a trusted leader in delivering globally scalable Voice-Over-IP telephony systems, both on-site and cloud-based. As the communication landscape evolves and businesses invest in new strategies to provide effective communications, Sangoma Technologies is your trusted partner; delivering Unified Communications solutions for SMBs, Enterprises, OEMs, Carriers, and service providers.
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We Preferred SANGOMA'S

Sangoma offers our customers superior, overall solutions when considering the combined value of our pricing, features, quality, and support. This enables businesses to communicate and connect better with their customers through a high-quality solution with a low total cost of ownership.

Sangoma is also a trusted advisor with respect to what is best for our customers. We offer both cloud and on-premise communication solutions, using the same solution stack for each. Because we offer both, we can focus on helping our customers make the best choice for them, not selling what is best for us. Additionally, we provide and utilize our own technology for our solutions, enabling us to ensure we have deep interoperability within our entire catalog of products and services.

Business Phone Solutions to Fit the Needs

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Products and Solutions

Our Products & Solutions help your business to grow in the telecom sector.

Analog Cards (FXO/FXS)

Analog telephony cards are the maximum flexible in the marketplace, presenting superior compatibility in maximum commercially-to be had servers and motherboards

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FreePBX gives businesses an all-in-one IP PBX this is freely available to download and deploy with all the basic elements needed to build a telephone device.

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IP Phones

IP Phones, also called VoIP telephones, appearance similar in appearance to traditional desk telephones.

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PRI Cards

Sangoma’s global-class A-series T1 / E1 statistics playing cards had been dominating the market zone since 1984, being established into home equipment of huge carriers and OEMs, supporting some of the most important Point-of-Sale (POS) T1 WAN failover answers and data packages.

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Session Border Controller (SBC) will will let you join your remote workers and SIP trunk(s) securely on your smartphone device with out compromising safety, mechanically detecting VoIP threats and taking movement.

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Telecommunications industry is rapidly adopting the Internet Protocol to offer Voice over IP (VoIP) offerings, the legacy PSTN SS7 community (the usage of T1/E1 telco strains) remains normal for world-huge conversation.

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Trunk / PRI Gateway

Analog VoIP gateways are small stand-alone appliances which can help you convert voice media among FXO and FXS connections and VoIP connections.

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VoIP Gateway

VoIP gateway is a stand-by myself equipment that converts analog signals to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and vice versa, allowing connections between legacy telephony infrastructure and contemporary VoIP networks.

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