Session Border Controller

Session Border Controller

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Are you also seeking a flawless, industry-winning Session Border Controller (SBC) which can be easily and effectively deployed across different platforms? Well, Cloud Infotech is the right place for you! Whether you are an enterprise or a service provider, We make it a point to cater all your requisites regarding the SBCs. For people who are new to the market, let us shed some light on what are SBCs and what are its benefits for your growing business?

What Is Session Border Controller?
A Session Border Controller is basically a network function which make sure that your communication is secured over VoIP infrastructures. At the same time, a SBC offers brilliant interworking between varied signalling messages as well as media sessions coming in from the end or application servers. You can find SBCs deployed across different size Enterprise infrastructures, commercial setups, and even residential properties possessing VoIP services.

Moreover, SBC can be easily defined as a device which is deployed across VoIP networks for updating and signalling the media streams. The word ‘Session’ in SBC refers to the communication channel between different parties. In the world of telephones, this ‘session’ would refer to a ‘call.’ Now, each single call includes more than one call media streams. These streams possess the responsibility of carrying the data being conveyed with the help of a call. Now, these different streams make up your sessions. This is the point when the SBCs come into the picture and take over the data flow through sessions.

The word ‘Border; in SBC refers to demarcation point between two parts of the network. An easy example can be a corporate network where a firewall is used for demarcating the local network of the firm from the outside Internet network. SBC work to help the policy administrators in the firm to manage the session data’s flow across the different borders.
Now, coming to the word ‘controller’ in the term SBC. It refers to the control and the influence of the SBC over data streams which make up the sessions as these sessions move across different borders from one end of a network to another.

Moreover, SBCs are actually inserted into varied media paths working between the calling and the called parties in the VoIP call. Predominantly these SBC are used in VoIP call sessions which make use of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), MGCP call-signalling protocols, and H.3.32 protocols.

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