Network POE Switches

Network POE Switches

Enterprise Layer 2+ Managed Network Switch

Grandstream Gigabit Network POE Switches

A powerful solution for enterprises and businesses that handle a large amount of data. The Grandstream Gigabit Network POE Switches (Power Over Ethernet) provide high-end data and power supply for smooth flow of network to the system.
The GWN7800 series are Layer 2+ managed network switches that allow small-to-medium enterprises to build scalable, secure, high-performance, and smart business networks that are fully manageable. It supports advanced VLAN for flexible and sophisticated traffic segmentation, advanced QoS for automated detection & prioritization of latency-sensitive voice/video traffic, IGMP Snooping for network performance optimization, and comprehensive security capabilities against potential attacks. The PoE models provide smart dynamic PoE output to power IP phones, IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points and other PoE endpoints. The GWN7800 series can be managed in several ways, including the local network controller embedded in the GWN7800 series switch, any GWN7000 series router with an integrated local master, Grandstream’s free on-premise network management software (GWN Manager), as well as Grandstream’s cloud network management platform (GWN.Cloud). The GWN7800 series is the best value enterprise-grade managed network switch for small-to-medium businesses.
Network POE switches provide a scalable and sustainable business solution to build your communication and collaboration solutions. Offering smart solutions for unified communications for any organization.

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  • 8/16/24 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2/4 Gigabit SFP ports
  • Smart power control to support dynamic PoE/PoE+ power allocation per port for the PoE models
  • Supports deployment in IPv6 and IPv4 networks
  • Provides quaternary binding of IP, MAC, VLAN & port; ARP Inspection, IP Source Guard, DoS protection, port security & DHCP snooping
  • Device management via SNMP, RMON, CLI, HTTPS, TR069, GWN Manager, GWN.Cloud
  • Advanced QoS auto detects and prioritizes latencysensitive audio/video/RTP/VoIP/SIP packets

Grandstream GWN7801/GWN7801P

The GWN7801 is a powerful Non-PoE switch that supports powerful business processing capabilities. It features modern capabilities of Gigabit ethernet port, Gigabit SFP Ports, Integrated Power Supply and Auxiliary Ports. It provides flexible management to control access policies. The GWN7801P is PoE powered switch to directly supply power to PoE-enabled devices.

Grandstream GWN7802/GWN7802P

The GWN7802 is an easy-to-use Non-PoE switch with modern features that is useful in operating the device with ease and comfort. The features support advanced specifications for smooth connections between PoE-enabled devices. It consists of an Integrated Power Supply, Forwarding Mode, 16 Gigabit Ethernet Ports and a Switching Capability of up to 20 Gbps for fast processing and easy management. The GWN7802P is PoE powered switch to directly supply power to PoE-enabled devices.

Grandstream GWN7803/GWN7803P

The GWN7803 is an advance easy-to-use Non-PoE switch with the latest features that makes this device easy to manage. The specifications of the device are customer friendly and updated with the latest security features to make the device secure. It consists of Integrated Power Supply, Forwarding Mode, 24 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, Auxiliary Ports, Max Total PoE Output Power up to 360W, PoE Standards IEEE 802.3af/at and Switching Capability up to 56Gbps for fast processing and easy management. The GWN7803P is PoE powered switch to directly supply power to PoE-enabled devices.