Securing a home is never been easy before with UBIQCOM'S latest security battery-powered camera that provides a sense of security even when you are away from home. Designed to work for six months without charging, supports night vision recording and is IP65 professional waterproof for smooth functioning in all weather. Keep the hassle away from installing a wired security camera by opting for a battery-powered security camera for surveillance.

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The UBIQCOM Battery-Powered Security IP Camera is designed with cutting-edge technology to provide you smooth surveillance experience. Unhindered by cords, it uses a battery-powered mechanism for greater installation freedom. This IP camera captures high-quality video with its superior image sensor, ensuring detailed and crisp images. Featuring advanced motion detection, it alerts you of any suspicious activity instantly. With built-in Wi-Fi, it offers seamless integration with your network, enabling remote access and live-streaming via a user-friendly app. Its night vision feature guarantees unbroken surveillance, regardless of the time. Designed to resist outdoor weather conditions, the UbiqCom Battery-Powered Security IP Camera is the ultimate solution for reliable, round-the-clock security, no matter where you are.


  • 100% wire free for installation
  • 4-6 month long working time
  • IP65 professional waterproof
  • Free loop record
  • Night vision supported
  • Real-time video and full duplex audio

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