DAG 1000-1s/2s

1/2 FXS Analog Telephone Adaptor

DAG1000-1S/2S is a multi-functional analog telephone adapter which offers seamless connectivity between IP-based telephony networks and legacy telephones (POTS), fax machines and PBX systems. The device provides 1 or 2 FXS port(s), fax over IP and a built-in high-speed NAT router.

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These powerful features and good voice quality make the device ideal for various application environments such as SOHO and small enterprises and for personal use. Moreover, with automatic provisioning and centralized management system, the device is easy to maintain and deploy.


  • 1/2 FXS ports, 1 WAN, 1 LAN
  • Support SIP, IMS
  • T.38 Fax
  • Flexible routing & Dial plan
  • Interoperable with leading softswitches, IP-PBXs and SIP servers

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