SBC 3000

Session Border Controller

Dinstar SBC3000 are designed to deliver security, interoperability and transcoding for service providers and telecom operators VoIP interconnections, scalable from 500 to 2000 SIP sessions, offer High Availability (HA) with 1+1 active/standby redundancy, comprehensive SIP mediation, intensive protection to ensure uninterrupted communications and services.

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Dinstar SBC3000 provides rich SIP-based services such as safe network access, robust security, system interconnectivity, flexible session routing & policy management, QoS, media transcoding and media processing for small-and-medium telecommunication operators. With distributed multicore processor, rear panel for non-blocking gigabit switching data as well as embedded Linux operating system, the session border controller delivers high capability while achieves low power dissipation. It is able to process up to 2000 concurrent SIP sessions and transcode 1200 concurrent calls.


  • Supports up to 2000 concurrent SIP sessions
  • Triple anti-attacking
  • Support forwarding of 2000 calls on media, and transcoding of 1200 calls on media and fax
  • Triple anti-attacking, embedded VoIP firewall, prevention of DoS and DDos attacks
  • Bandwidth limitation and dynamic white list & black list
  • VLAN, Ipsec, QoS, static route, NAT traversal
  • Import & export of remote upgrade and configuration data
  • User-friendly web interface, multiple management ways
  • Dual main control boards, dual hot-swappable power supplies

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