FreePBX Phone System 60

FreePBX 60

Free PBX Phone System

Sangoma’s FreePBX Phone System 60 is a cost effective and feature rich small business communications solution that comes with support for advanced VoIP features and applications like unified communications, IP trunking and more.

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FreePBX Commercial Modules help deliver enhanced functionality and savings from FreePBX Phone System 60. Select à la carte from over 25 general and mission specific modules for small businesses.


  • Ideal for branch or small office deployments
  • Supports up to 60 users or 30 simultaneous calls
  • Cost-effective – ready to use with FreePBX software and save with IP services
  • Easily deployed and managed with an intuitive web-based GUI
  • Flexible - supports IP, ISDN trunks or analog lines
  • Use virtually any IP telephone set or soft client

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