In-Wall WiFi-6 Access Point

Grandstream GWN7661

The Grandstream GWN7661 is an in-wall Wi-Fi 6 access point made for all enterprises, offices, residential and commercial locations, hotels and more. It provides dual-band 2x2:2 MU-MIMO technology with a sophisticated antenna design to cover the large area under the Wi-Fi network delivering maximum network throughput.
The newly launched Grandstream GWN7661 is designed to provide high-speed network coverage in dense environments where many users and many devices require consistent and reliable Wi-Fi connections. The device comes with easy installation and management. This is the ideal access point for all types of commercial and home usage.

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The GWN7661 is an in-wall 802.11ax Wi-F 6 access point designed for small-to-medium sized businesses, offices, residential and commercial locations, hotels and more. It offers dual-band 2x2:2 MU-MIMO technology as well as a sophisticated antenna design for maximum network throughput and expanded Wi-Fi coverage range. Wi-Fi 6 technology supports the modern generation of dense environments where many users and many devices require consistent and reliable Wi-Fi connenctions at higher speeds. The GWN7661 provides three Gigabit network ports to provide IP phones, IPTV, computers and similar devices with Ethernet while also providing and uplink Gigabit network port with PoE/PoE+. It supports the access of wired terminals and also meet wireless coverage requirements. As an in-wall access point, it provides a clean and professional installation that blends into the surrounding environment. To ensure easy installation and management, the GWN7661 uses a controller-less distributed network management design in which the controller is embedded within the product’s web user interface The GWN7661 is also supported by GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager, Grandstream’s free cloud and on-premise Wi-Fi management platform. It is the ideal Wi-Fi AP for voice-over- Wi-Fi deployments and offers a seamless connection with Grandstream’s Wi-Fi capable IP phones. With support for advanced QoS, low-latency real-time applications, mesh networks, captive portals and 500+ concurrent clients per AP, the GWN7661 is an ideal Wi-Fi access point for medium wireless network deployments with medium user density.


  • 1.77 Gbps wireless throughput and 4x Gigabit wireline ports
  • Dual-band 2×2:2 MU-MIMO with DL/UL OFDMA technology
  • Supports up to 500+ concurrent Wi-Fi client devices
  • Advanced QoS to ensure real-time performance of low-latency applications
  • Self power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE or PoE+
  • Up to 100 meters Coverage Range (*coverage range can vary based on environment)
  • Anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lockdown via digital signatures, unique security certificate/random default password per device
  • Embedded controller manages up to 50 local GWN APs; GWN.Cloud offers unlimited AP management, & GWN Manager offers on-premise software AP management
Grandstream GWN7624

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