MTG 3000T

High Density Trancoding Gateway

MTG3000T series is a flexible and high-performance transcoding gateway with up to 1568 transcoding sessions. It converts simultaneous channels of transcoding among a number of popular voice codecs like G.711A/U, G.723.1, G.729A/B, iLBC,G.726 and AMR from IP to IP, bridge differences in capabilities between the telecommunications systems with high reliability.

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MTG3000T supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and multiple codec methods. With high-capacity concurrency, quick connection, the gateway improves the utilizing efficiency of trucking resources while ensuring voice quality. It is widely used by call centers, operators and large-size enterprises for the entry into IMS network based on VoIP.


  • Transcoding from IP to IP
  • Up to 2048 VoIP transcoding sessions
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • Scalable by 4 DTUs boards
  • Multiple SIP trunks
  • Fully compatible with mainstream VoIP platforms

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