64 E1/T1

SS7 VoIP Gateway

Sangoma NetBorder SS7 VoIP Media Gateway is an on-premise high density SS7 to VoIP (or SIP) appliance solution to seamlessly interconnect next generation VoIP and the legacy SS7 networks.

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Sangoma’s line of Carrier-Grade SS7 VoIP Gateways are scalable, cost-effective TDM and SIP-over-IP telephony solutions supporting up to 64 T1/E1 lines, or 1920 concurrent calls. Supporting concurrent use of ISDN, SS7 CAS (R2), SIP, and SIGTRAN signaling protocols, Sangoma’s on-premise SS7 VoIP Gateway appliances connect traditional SS7 edge, core and peer zones with new-generation, MEGACO and SIP networks with transcoding capabilities. Bundling together the signalling and media gateway controllers makes this an ideal solution to reduce footprint and need to source components from multiple vendors.


  • Support for 64 E1/T1 Ports
  • Integrated Signalling & Media Gateway Controller
  • SS7, PRI, MFCR2 Support
  • Telco Grade Echo Cancellation
  • Fully-featured Web GUI for Configuration, Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Optional Annual Support & Software Maintenance Plans

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