Vega 3000G

Vega VoIP Analog Gateways

The Sangoma Vega 3000G was designed to help ease to integration of your old telephone system and new VoIP system by allowing you to connect analog devices. The Vega 3000G helps with transitioning by extending compatibility with a wide range of IP equipment and legacy equipment.

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The Vega 3000G is designed to simplify the integration of legacy phone systems to a VoIP network. The Vega 3000G connects analog handsets and devices to an IP network, typically either an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) or a corporate network.


  • 24 FXS Ports
  • EXCLUSIVE Local Survivability
  • Flexible Call Routing for Fallback and Least Cost Routing
  • Interoperability with a Wide Range of Legacy and IP Equipment: Voice, FAX and Modem Support
  • Optional Annual Support & Software Maintenance Plans

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