Business need Unified Communication System?

How Unified Communication & Collaboration is helpful in modern enterprise in challenging time?

Unified Communication System (UCS) is a concept that describes the integration between enterprise communication services such as delivering information on real-time, instant messaging, mobility features, faster data sharing, desktop sharing, etc. Because of these unique features of UCS, it is vastly used in business for its successful growth. Here in this blog, we will discuss what are the essential factors of UC gateway and why is it important for businesses to grow rapidly.

Types of Unified Communication System

It is evidenced that every enterprise has been struggling to unify their locations, workflows, cultures, etc. for decades. But, unfortunately, many legacy communication solutions can’t reach these business goals. Whereas, UCS sets these goals very easily. It has a rich tradition of developing innovative as well as rich-featured platforms that seamlessly integrate with standardized clients and endpoints. There are different popular types of UCS, some of them are described as under.

  • Cloud-based UC: In this competitive world, every business needs to excel the communication and collaboration so as to compete accordingly. To combat the risk and to get the potential growth opportunities, this technology acts as the key component for the purpose. UC solutions enable organizations in improving collaboration as well as to increase the productivity and customer service for your business.
  • Video UC: The video is an important part of collaborative technology. It has become an inevitable tool for conferencing which is widely used by medium and large enterprise levels. A Unified communication system enables HD video facility across the Internet or wireless networks. There are some vendors that also offer the ability to start conference among mobile users, mix room, consumer services, the desktop endpoints, etc.
  • Web RTC: Web RTC allows the web browsers to work in the voice and video endpoints without using any browser plug-in or any other separate application. It is thus very simple and easy to use. The user only needs to click in order to make calls from a concerned mobile app or web page without using any mobile phone. Furthermore, Web RTC also provides applications for other features such as video conferencing and telephony. Another best thing about Web RTC is that it also allows peer-to-peer communication without using the UC platform.

Essential factors of UCS while choosing it for your business

There are some factors which you need to consider before adopting UCS for your business. These are,

Architectural quality and nature: If you are looking for a UC system, you need to consider first of all its architectural nature and quality. This is a necessary factor as it helps you to gain the maximum advantages of the quality voice, video, text or any other means of communication.

Security factor: Security is the most important factor to consider before adopting any UC gateway, especially for any business. Although security starts in the architecture only, it extends to all the system components without any third-party intervention. Thus, you need to consider carefully whether it spins out to multiple layers of defense to protect the network of your business from any known or unknown threat.

Flexibility: A valuable investment decision on Unified Communication System always depends upon the flexibility of the same. As UC deployment can happen on the staggered basis, business priorities, etc. you thus need to start it with a few flexible and scalable technologies to cope up with immediate business challenges before selecting for the long-term business goals.

Choice of vendor: The next thing you need to consider beforehand is the UC vendor. This may include industry leadership, customer support, technical expertise, etc which sets the benchmark of every stage of the UC development lifecycle. The nature of vender may lead your business a step further by providing you best supportive business roadmap and expand your business thereby.

Technological components: This is an inevitable factor for you if you are considering UCS as a beneficial strategy for your business. As in this system, multiple modes of business communications are integrated, you should note that it is not meant for a single product but the collection of elements that it includes. Thus, you have to check whether its technology supports all your business requirements at an advanced level or not.

Key benefits of UCS for an enterprise

Every business is now using advanced tools and techniques for its overall operations of business communication. Thus regular phone system has become an age-old technique which can’t cater to either fruitful communication or result oriented conversation. Unified communication is thus the only “next generation step” that makes sense of modern business perspective far beyond from a phone system. If you want an advanced list of features and benefits for an overall benefit of your organization apart from traditional telephonic solution, a sophisticated UC solution can provide you with the same. This is because of all these essential benefits of Unified Communication System, it has been widely used for every business enterprise for a long time.

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